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Der Feuerlöschteich 1946
Der Feuerlöschteich 1946. Er wurde im Frühsommer 1942 von den Häftlingen angelegt und war einer der Orte des Lagers, an denen gefoltert wurde

When the SS-Special Camp was established in autumn 1939 members of Waffen-SS were used as guards for the camp. On the 9th of July 1940 the SS High Ranks (SS-Führer), non-commissioned (SS-Unterführer) and SS-guards became with retroactive effect from 1st July 1940 members of the SS-Death’s Head Units (Totenkopfverbände). After 1943 policemen and also members of the German Wehrmacht were transferred to the SS-Special Camp. The target strength of for the SS-Special Camp of 204 SS-High Ranks, con-commissioned and SS-men on the 12th December 1940 could never be achieved in Hinzert. Due to the conscription call for war or the transfer of guards to other concentration camps the fluctuation rate among the SS-guards was very high.